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I received a parking ticket for parking in a Handicap Zone but I (or passenger in vehicle) have a Handicap Parking Permit. Why did I get this ticket? What do I need to do?

Category: Parking Tickets
If a vehicle is (standing, stopped or parked) in a designated Handicap Parking space and the permit is not clearly visible and hanging from the rear view mirror, (even if the passenger(s) are still in the vehicle,) it is a violation of the Handicap Parking regulations and a summons is issued.  See §TC4-1A &  §TC4-3G of the Town of Huntington Uniform Traffic Code. To plead "not guilty" to this violation, you will need to submit the original ticket with the appropriate box checked in the plea form section, your name and address filled in, and a photocopy of the Handicap Parking Permit along with a statement of explanation.  Please indicate whom the Handicap Permit is issued to, and the relationship to the registered owner of the vehicle if they are not one in the same. 
Updated 11/18/2011 1:34 PM