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How do I pay for Daily Parking at the Huntington Rail Road Station?

New fees are in affect as of March 1, 2003.  Daily parking is available at the Huntington Train Station in Lot 15 which is located just outside of the ticket booth.  Daily Parking is $10.00 per day, $5.00 for Seniors and/or if you are disabled with a valid Handicap Permit displayed.  To pay for parking, note the numbered space you are in.  Find the corresponding numbered slot on the Meter Box, which is located on the exterior of the Ticket Booth.  You can deposit cash or check made payable to "Town of Huntington" for the day(s) you are utilizing the space.   A vehicle can not be parked for more than four consecutive days.  

Updated 3/4/2013 6:14 PM