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Parks & Recreation Department Divisions

The Town of Huntington Department of Parks and Recreation strives to enhance the quality of life and meet the ever-changing recreational needs of children and adults of all abilities by providing state-of-the-art facilities, services and cultural programs in a safe well-maintained environment.


Legal Authority:

Chapters 52-1 to 52-8 and Chapters 159-1 to 159-25 of the Town of Huntington Code

The Department of Parks and Recreation administers a diverse and comprehensive offering of recreational programs and activities year round for children, teenagers and adults as follows:

Dix Hills Park:

The Department oversees the operation of the Dix Hills Park complex, including a seasonal outdoor pool and picnic area and indoor ice skating facility. The Department also oversees operation of the Dix Hills Golf Course and Crab Meadow Golf Course in Northport.


During the summer season, the Department of Parks and Recreation handles operations at the Town’s eight beaches. This includes life guarding, swim lessons and gate attendants.

Cultural Affairs:

The Department encompasses the management of the Town’s Cultural Affairs programs, including fiscal support of the Huntington Arts Council, the Huntington Summer Arts Festival and the Heckscher Museum of Art, and other non-profit cultural agencies, as well as administration of the Town’s Public Art Initiative and various special projects and events such as the Annual Huntington Tulip Festival. Management of several Town-owned historic properties is conducted through liaison with the Town-affiliated Huntington Cultural Affairs Institute, Inc..

Playgrounds and Recreational Programs:

Throughout the year, the Department offers numerous programs and activities for children and adults. These include day and evening leisure activities such as dance instruction and creative arts workshops. Tennis lessons, rowing instruction, horseback riding, athletic workshops, day trips and dog obedience classes are examples of other activities offered. During the summer months, the Department operates several day camps and pre-school playground programs for children ages 5 through 14. The Department also administers Camp Bright Star, a day camp for children with disabilities.

The Department is responsible for assigning and scheduling 92 numerous athletic fields and 28 lighted sports facilities that provide for 18,500 youth/adult participants that are from 65 – 75 sports/school organizations hundreds of youth and adult sport organizations.  • Issue 44 special events permits, 134 permits for equipment, ball fields, signs for special events and over 135 picnics, process field applications, collect fees, insurance, process hold harmless agreements and equipment needs for the applicant.

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